Did Santa bring you a very special Christmas present this Christmas?

If so then a huge congratulations to you both. Christmas is such a lovely time of year to get engaged and what better time to start wedding planning than in the New Year. If you are planning on getting married in 2023 then we would recommend you set the date and find your venue ASAP.


Once you have the date set then save the date cards are next on the list.


What are Save the Dates and why are they necessary?

Save the dates are a fantastic way of informing your guests of the chosen date. At this early stage, you probably wont have any timings set in stone. Save the dates are a fantastic way of informing your guests to reserve the day but without having to give out the full details of a wedding invitation.

But I don’t have my colour scheme chosen yet…

Don’t panic! You don’t need this to be able to send save the dates. Save the dates can be made in a very neutral colour scheme, such as black and white, ivory, taupe, vanilla to name a few. Then this doesn’t tie you down if you haven’t made your mind up on your colour scheme just yet.









If you do have your colour scheme chosen then why not bring this into your chosen design. We have lots of fabulous bespoke designs that can coordinate with your chosen colours or theme.



Rustic….Modern….Sparkle… Floral…. Vintage….

There really are designs for everyone. We recommend sending save the dates roughly 1 year before the big day or sooner if possible.

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